Peer Review Policy


Manuscript submitted to NJM will be reviewed by editor and peer review. Editor will review whether the manuscript is relevant with focus and scope and writing format of NJM. After passing this step, the manuscript will be checked using Plagiarism Checker to identify any plagiarism. Manuscript may be rejected directly by the editor-in-chief if judged to be out of scope or scientifically or formally substandard.Next, each manuscript will be reviewed by peer review based on the review guidelines. NJM use a double-blind review process. A double-blind peer review in this journal means that both the author(s) and the peer reviewer(s) keep their anonymity.  There are 4 options of reviewer decisions: 1. Accept submission2. Revisions are required3. Resubmit for Review4. Decline submission.This whole process takes approximately 6-10 weeks.