Focus and Scope

Branches of Linguistics (BroLing) Journal FKIP UHN

Applied Linguistics publishes research into language with relevance to real-world issues. The journal is keen to help make connections between scholarly discourses, theories, and research methods from a broad range of linguistic and other relevant areas of study. The journal welcomes contributions that critically reflect current, cutting-edge theory and practice in applied linguistics.

The journal's Forum section is intended to stimulate contributions between authors and the wider community of branches of linguists and to afford a quicker turnaround time for short pieces. Forum pieces are typically a commentary on research issues or professional practices or responses to a published article. Forum pieces are required to exhibit originality, and timeliness and contribute to, or stimulate a current discussion. The journal also contains a Reviews section.

Linguistics publishes articles addressing research questions of current or general relevance that make a significant contribution to our understanding of human language as a system of communication or a cognitive, social, and historical phenomenon. This includes aspects of the grammatical organization (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax) as well as questions of meaning and use (semantics, pragmatics, discourse). Studies may deal with linguistic systems as instantiated in speaking, signing, writing, and other modes of communication, as well as the language users themselves and their communities (e.g., psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics).

Writer’s benefits:

Comprehensive overview of traditional disciplines of linguistics as well as neighboring disciplines

In-depth analysis of language within various subfields of linguistics

Ground-breaking interdisciplinary research from the language sciences

Rigorous peer-review