Language Style on Gospel Sermon between Catholic And Protestant Preacher

  • Nova Sinaga
  • Arsen Nahum Pasaribu
  • Sondang Manik
Keywords: Language style, Slang Style, Colloquial Style, Informal Style, Formal style


This research is intended to identify types of language style and tries to find the most dominant language style usage employed on Catholic and Protestant Preacher. The writer use Krisszner and Mandell Theory (1978). There are four types of language style; they are Slang style, Colloquial style, Informal style and Formal style. The writer applies the descriptive qualitatve method to describe and analyze all the data, because the data of this research are in form of sentences. It is analyzed by Identifying, Classifying and Making conclusion the data. The writer also note the frequency of the number of the types and the most dominant type language style of Catholic and Protestant Preacher. The language style of Catholic Sunday Service: Formal: 59 (84,3%), Informal: 10 (14,3%), Slang: 1 (1,4%) and Colloquial: 0 (0%). The language style of GKPI Sunday Service: Formal: 56 (98,25%), Informal: 1 (1,75%), Slang: 0 (0%) and Colloquial: 0 (0%). Based on the percentage the dominant type of language style is formal style. Since sermon is giving information of religion and word of God, the preacher mostly used formal style. The writer suggest for the students of English Department who want to write journal, thesis, story, especially in daily life. It is better to use language style because by using language style people know how to communicate appropriately.