Figurative Language In Suhunan Situmorang’ “Sordam” Novel

  • Obet Edom Malau
  • Jubilezer Sihite
  • Arsen Nahum Pasaribu
Keywords: figurative language, Suhunan Situmorang’s “Sordam” Novel


The study is focused on figurative language that consist of simile, metaphore, personification, hyperbole, synecdoche, paradox and simbol.according to Siswantoro (2002). The objective of the reaserch were to identify of figurative language in Suhunan Situmorang’s “Sordam” Novel and the dominant one type of figurative language. This reaserch was conducted by using qualitative method. The sources of the data were “Sordam” Novel and the data were 108 sentences of Suhunan Situmorang’s “Sordam” Novel. After analyzing, it was found that there were 108 sentences of Suhunan Situmorang’s “Sordam” Novel. The findings of this reaserch were found that similes found is 53, the second is Hyperbole and the number of hyperbole found is 24, the third is Symbol and the number of symbol found is 10, the fourth is Personification and the number of personification found is 9, the fifth is Metaphor and the number of metaphor  found is 7, the sixth is Synecdoce and the number of synecdoce found is 3, and the last is Paradox and the number of paradox  found is 2. Simile 53 becomes the dominant type of figurative language in suhunan situmorang’s “sordam” novel.