An Analysis of Feminism in Toba Batak Song Lyrics

  • Yeni Plorensina Sihotang
  • Arsen Nahum Pasaribu
Keywords: Feminism, Song Lyric, Toba Batak


The objectives of this study are to describe the role of woman were found in Toba Batak tribeandto find out the type of Feminism were found in selected Toba Batak song lyrics.This research is analyzed by using descriptive quantitative method. In analyzing data, the writer uses Rosemarie Tong’s theory of feminism to find out the meaning  founded in selected toba batak song lyrics . The writer classification three types of Feminism based on Rosemarie Tong’s theory . There are liberal feminism, Radical Feminismand Marxist and Social Feminism. In this research, the writer found 45 data of Liberal Feminism, 17 data of radical feminism , and there’s no data of Marxist and Social Feminism.The most dominant type of feminism in selected Toba Batak song lyrics is Liberal Feminism because almost all sentence it can be show how a mother in Toba Batak tribe love and care every minute of her life . It shows the reader or the listener that a mother in the tribe has done her responsibility to take care her children into the successful gate. The women is ready in doing a hard working by earning money for the need in this life. Talking about liberal feminism and role of woman is surely a woman has a very important role both in the domestic and the public work.