An Analysis of Theme Rheme in Giving Ulos to Bride and Bridegroom in Toba Batak Wedding Ceremony

  • Rindu Veronika Sirait
  • Arsen Nahum Pasaribu
  • Jubilezer Sirait
Keywords: Theme Rheme, Giving Ulos, Toba Batak Wedding Ceremony


The objective of the reaserch were to identify the types, the patternsof theme rheme and dominant used in giving Ulos in Toba Batak Wedding Ceremony. This reaserch was conducted by using qualitative method in which the collected data will not be created by statistic procedure. The sources of the data were utterances in Toba Batak Wedding Ceremony and the data were 159clauses of theme rheme that were analyzed by using some steps, they are segmenting the sentence into clauses, identifying the Theme Rheme for each clause, determining the types of theme rheme  for each clauses, and determining the patterns and the dominant used. The findings of this reaserch were found that there 71 Topical Theme, 38 Interpersonal Themes, and 50 Textual Themes. And the pattern that found were The Constant Theme Pattern and The Linear Pattern or Zig-zag Pattern. And the Theme Rheme that dominant used is Topical Marked Theme.