Analisis Sikap Teologis dan Pedagogis Gereja Menghadapi Post-Truth

  • Darman Samosir Universitas HKBP Nommensen
Keywords: Post-truth; Social media; Postmodernism; Church


The post-truth phenomenon is complex. The post-truth era is a complex challenge for the church where post-truth is increasingly growing, influencing and attacking truth. This article aims to analyze the theological and pedagogical attitude of the church in facing the post-truth era. The research method used was qualitative research through a literature study. The steps taken are to analyze the roots of post-truth that exist within each individual who is not immune to post-truth. Second, reviewing the relationship between post-truth and the development of media and information technology. The third step is to outline the relationship between postmodernism and post-truth. The next step is to explain the church's theological and pedagogical stance. This article shows that the church's faithfulness in holding and preaching God's truth is the foundation for developing critical thinking and evaluative skills in using social media and information technology to face the post-truth era.